About the Airport Tracker

The Airport Tracker is an online tool that illustrates the carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions generated from aircraft departing from airports around the world.

It is a joint project by the International Council on Clean Transportation (ICCT), ODI, and Transport and Environment (T&E).

The Tracker contains information for the 1,300 largest global airports, covering 99% of global airline passenger traffic. It shows the total amount of passenger-related emissions generated by each airport (and excludes the freight emissions). A methodology note is available in the Resources page.

We are making this data available to the public to provide transparency, accountability and comparability of global airport infrastructure-related emissions.

Our hope is that by providing this data we can provide policymakers and campaigners with robust estimates of the climate impact of  existing and proposed airport capacity on a case-by-case basis and better understand how the aviation industry can fit in our planning for a climate-safe world.

The Tracker will evolve over time to include new data and information.